The Department of Geography and Program in Planning website contains a section featuring geography and planning graduate student bios, where you can submit a photo and outline your research interests and other biographical information.

A profile on the department site is a privilege negotiated for you by GGAPSS. You must therefore ensure that your profile is accurate, representative, and inoffensive. All profiles are subject to approval before they are published, and non-compliant profiles will not be approved.


  1. Email with your UTORid and Student Number and ask to have your WordPress account created (If you are creating a bio as part of an orientation event, you can skip this step. Your WordPress ID will be provided to you by a GGAPSS representative).
  2. Are you on campus? If so, skip to step 3. If not, you must first install the University of Toronto VPN on your computer in order to create your profile from off campus. GGAPSS can’t help you with this.
  3. Go to You should see a log-in screen like this:
    (If you see a “Forbidden” warning, it means you’re not on campus or haven’t configured the VPN properly.)
  4. Enter your username (your UTORid) and your password (your student number).
  5. After logging in, select “People” on the left-hand menu bar:
  6. Check if your name appears in the list of people already (browse or use the Search function). If so, click on it to view/edit your profile.
  7. If your name does not appear, click “Add New Person”.
  8. Enter all relevant details and upload a photo. The Style Guide contains some tips, but a comprehensive guide can be found below. All fields except name, affiliation, contact information, and research interests are optional.
    Students should leave blank at least the following fields: Administrative Position, Cross-Appointments, Call for Students, Featured Citation for ‘Selected Publications’ Page, and Teaching This Academic Year.

    • Put your entire name (as you want it to appear on the site)in the title box at the top of the page:
    • Fill in the First Name and Last Name fields:
    • Select your department affiliation:
    • Select your home campus:
    • If applicable, fill in your PhD research topic under PhD:
    • If applicable, list the details of your other degrees:
    • If applicable, list any honours and awards you have received:
    • List your contact information (this field is required – include at least your office number, email address, or some other data):contact
    • If applicable, provide the complete URL for your personal website. Don’t forget the http://!
    • Format your research interests as a bullet list.
    • If applicable, list some publications:
    • If applicable, select your relevant research cluster(s).
    • Finally, upload a picture. Select “Add Image”:
      imageThen select “Upload Files” at the top of the screen:
      uploadClick “Select Files,” then find an appropriate photograph that has been cropped to approximately 100 x 150 pixels. After the file has uploaded, make sure it is selected and then click “Select.”
      jones2 select
    • Finally, click “Submit for Review” and your profile will be reviewed.
  9. If you have followed these instructions, made no data-entry mistakes, and submitted no inappropriate content, your profile will be approved. Any problems will result in your profile not being approved. Either way, you will receive an email to let you know. If you haven’t heard back about your profile after two weeks, send an email to to inquire.