Financial support

In addition to scholarships, fellowships, TA-ships, RA-ships, and external awards (e.g., SSHRC, OGS), Geography and Planning students are eligible for other forms of support for their academic activities.

The following list contains some types of support that are available:

  • GGAPSS Conference Funding
    Typical deadline: Late March
  • Graduate Expansion Fund (GEF) research funding
    Typical deadline: Late March
  • Peter Walker Travel Awards
    Typical deadlines: Late November; and late February if additional money is available in the spring
  • SGS Conference Grants
    Typical deadlines: Late March (for conferences in March to September); mid-October (for conferences in September to March)

Not all funding may be available each year. All application deadlines and processes will be communicated by email.

Click here for an outline of funding opportunities available for the 2016-17 academic year.