About this library

The Dérive Archive is a collection of writing, zines, art, and curriculum resources that provides anti-oppressive perspectives and practices relevant to Geography and Planning. This project was created by members of the Equity Committee in 2015 as a commitment to take seriously the feedback received in the GGAPSS student experience survey. The Archive is located in the Butter Room (accessible through the grad lounge), in the basement of Sid Smith.

We hope that this collection will be useful for students and instructors who are curating their own syllabi or who are interested in learning beyond the courses they are enrolled in. Ultimately we hope this resource will serve as a useful intervention in response to calls among students in this department and the geography discipline more broadly to evaluate and transform our curriculum to focus on issues of equity and anti-oppression.

Call for donations

We seek permanent donations and temporary loans for our library:

  • Intersectional and anti-oppressive resources that relate to space, place, landscape, the environment, capitalism, and the urban form.
  • Text, zines, and artworks that seek to dismantle ableism, classism, heterosexism, racism, settler colonialism, etc.
  • Texts written by authors that are traditionally underrepresented or marginalised in Geography and Planning curriculum, such as racialized, indigenous, and/or LGBTQ+ voices.
  • Syllabi and reading lists pertaining to dismantling ableism, classism, heterosexism, racism, capitalism and settler colonialism; and politics of resurgence and prefigurative politics

How it works

  • We are developing a system for students to borrow books, but in the meantime we ask that books remain within the library space – if you are hoping to borrow a book beyond the Butter Room, we ask that you first consult with the equity committee.
  • We want to promote a culture of trust and respect – many of the resources will be provided on temporary loan, meaning that the owners wish to share their belongings but not to fully part from them. In respect for your fellow students and instructors, please do not steal or harm the books in any way.