Business Cards

All Department students are entitled to carry official Department of Geography and Program in Planning business cards. The Department can prepare the template for all graduate students, and it is the student’s responsibility to have them printed.

Submit the following details to the Main Office and they will prepare a PDF for you. You can then have the PDF printed at any professional printing house (at your expense).

  • Full name as you would like it to appear on the business card
  • Program/candidacy
  • Official U. of T. email address
  • Phone number(s) and type
  • Personal website/social media profile URLs, if applicable

Food & Drink

GGAPSS provides free tea and coffee for its constituents. Milk/cream/sugar are purchased by individual students, or scavenged as leftovers from Department events. All can be found in Room 619. Feel free to put on a pot of coffee whenever you want one, but don’t be wasteful. GGAPSS also provides refreshments at most of its meetings.

Printing & Scanning

Set up your account in the grad computer labs: After you get your TCard and activate your UTORid, use your UTORid to log in to the computer lab computers. Your initial password will be your student number. You will be prompted to change it. Please change it!

All graduate students receive a free printing credit at the start of each year. This can be used to print in black & white or colour in the Sidney Smith Hall basement computer labs. Black & white prints are a steal at $0.07 per page, and colour prints cost $0.50 per page. If you use up your complimentary allowance, you can add more money to your account. To add more money to your printing account, contact your nearest GGAPSS member – anybody on the poster – and provide them with an envelope with your full name on it that contains cash in the amount you wish to deposit. Printing money cannot be added on credit – you must pay in cash.

Any student can report a printer or computer problem directly by emailing If the issue is not resolved quickly, please inform GGAPSS.