Statement on the potential CUPE 3902 strike

In light of the potential strike by member of CUPE 3902 Unit 1, members of the Department of Geography and Program in Planning came together in the past week to discuss how the possible labor action would impact our department as a whole. We’ve worked hard in Geography and Planning to create a supportive and more democratic culture, so we wanted to make a collective statement for department members to sign that acknowledged the different roles we all occupy in the university as well as the different inequalities we face. Our statement is a commitment to supporting each other, improving the lives of people in our department, and keeping dialogue open in what could become a contentious and divisive labor action.

We encourage other departments to talk about the strike and write your own statements of solidarity. We welcome you to use as much of our statement as works for your department.

If you are a member of the department and wish to add your signature to our statement, please visit:

If you are not in the department you can view our message here:

Please share widely!