Community Donations Update

Update from Hillary Barter, GGAPSS VP External & Equity:

I just want to let you know how our Community Donations Funds have been used this year.  A committee met to discuss the applications two weeks ago and at the GGAPSS meeting last week we voted to support their recommendations. Sadly we weren’t able to contribute as much this year as in the past, and we weren’t able to support all the organizations who applied. But we’ve still been able to support a few groups doing really great things!  See below for more on the 3 groups we’re contributing to.

Also! The Toronto Nepali Film Festival is looking for volunteers!  It’s happening this year on March 21st and 22nd.  Check out !  It would be great to have some GGAPSS volunteers out! If you are interested you can email:

The Toronto Nepali Film Festival

Since 2010 the Toronto Nepali Film Festival has been organizing a one to two-day film festival in Toronto every March. TNFF is a non-profit organization run by volunteers that supports and promotes contemporary Nepali film-making and informs audiences about relevant Nepali issues through film.

Toronto Nepali Film Festival is small community festival event and it was founded by GGAPSS members Yogendra Shakya, Sabin Limbu, and Anil Bhattarai. Other GGAPSS members are currently involved. It has grown to be quite a big community event and takes place at Innis Hall.

Funds will go to helping to support people from low income communities – St James town and Regent Park areas – in coming to watch the films. We’re offering a donation of $175.

The South Asian Women’s Rights Organization

“SAWRO is a grass root community organization working to resolve community problems in the Teesdale neighbourhood (Scarborough). What makes SAWRO remarkable is its deep presence in the community (rather than as simply a service agency that residents come to) and the fact that it is both a settlement organization and political organization (which is extremely rare). SAWRO is driven by the women who use its services: ‘SAWRO belongs to the community women who are building the organization and using its services. All women in the community are invited to become members of SAWRO and to have a say in how their organization operates.’

Activities that SAWRO is engaged with includes: Settlement assistance; Job Training (Interview Preparation, Cash register and Customer Service Training, Workplace Computer and English Training); Access to Danforth Women’s Job Network (created by SAWRO); Leadership building training; Access to different programs for children. SAWRO also advocates for things like increased childcare subsidies, and job access for racialized women and their families. They also act as a peer support group for a wide range of problems that immigrant women face.”

Several phd students in our department have done work with SAWRO in the past. GGAPSS is offering a donation of $175.

Culture Link’s Bike to School Program

CultureLink is a settlement agency for new Canadians in Toronto. They assist newcomers looking for employment, help families navigate the school system and provide newcomer youth with the skills necessary for bright and successful futures. They support refugees and bring together new and established Canadians.

A second year planning student has been evaluating CultureLink’s current Bike to School project. She only has the capacity to do a single case study, but CultureLink runs their program at three schools and needs to evaluate all three to meet their targets and apply for future funding. They are hoping to hire a student to do the analysis of the two schools and GGAPSS funds can contribute to honorariums for them. GGAPSS is offering $50 towards this.


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