Letter of Support for Graduate Students’ Union at the University of Toronto

The Graduate Geography and Planning Student Society is appalled at the
actions of the Integrated Security Unit this weekend when they raided
GSU building and arrested two of their executive members and billeted
demonstrators. It is legal to provide accommodations to those who
exercise their democratic right to participate in a legal protest.

The student movement has a long and honorable tradition of supporting
legitimate constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms, including
the right to free assembly, free speech and peaceful protest. The GSU
has billeted individuals in the past for many events, as have other
student unions and universities. As the University of Toronto was
aware of GSU’s plans to remain open, we question whether the
administration was aware, allowed, or condoned of the actions of the
Integrated Security Unit.

In preparation for the G20 summit, our university collaborated with
police and closed the campus, canceled academic events, obstructed
access to basic services, and transferred students out of their
dormitories. We believe the university should have fulfilled its role
as a open and democratic space to discuss the issues. Academic freedom
was further trampled this weekend when two members of the GSU
executive were summarily arrested while carrying out their duties
protecting our public right to dissent.

We support our collective freedoms and the actions of GSU executive members.


The Executive Officers that Represent the Graduate Geography and Planning Student Society