Welcome New GGAPSS Reps!

Welcome to the 2009-2010 GGAPSS representatives!

GGAPSS Executive

President:  Dean W. Bond (Geography,PhD program)
VP Academic:  Katie Palmer (Geography, PhD program)
VP Internal:  Max Ritts (Geography, MA program)
VP Communications:  Erika Jermé (MScPL program)
VP Finance:  Ben Spigel (Geography, PhD program)
VP Community & Diversity:  Carla Klassen (MScPl program)

Note: The VP Community & Diversity position is new this year.

GGAPSS Representatives

Human Geography Rep, MA:  Caitlin Henry
Human Geography Rep, PhD:  Charles Levkoe
Physical Geography Rep, PhD (2):  Kegan Farrick and Jenn Weaver
Planning Rep, First Year:  Jesse Ajayi
Planning Rep, Second Year:  Emanuel Nicolescu
Planning Rep, PhD:  Luisa Sotomayor
Computer Committee:  Lisa Freeman and Amy Cervenan

External Representatives

UTAGA Rep:  David J. Roberts (Geography, PhD program)
PAC Rep, First Year:  Hugo Bonilla-Melo (MScPl program)
PAC Rep, Second Year:  Maryann Alisch (MScPl program)
GSU Rep (1):  Angela Loder (Geography, PhD program)
GSU Rep (2):  Brendan Goodmurphy
CUPE Geography Rep (1):  Matt Talsma (Geography, MA program)
CUPE Geography Rep (2): Victor Lorentz (Geography, PhD program)
CUPE Planning Rep: Brendan Salakoh (MScPl program)

Liaison Representatives

OPPI Rep, First Year:  Nicholas Gallant (MScPl program)
OPPI Rep, Second Year:  Anna Wong (MScPl program)


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