Kobayashi Workshop on Monday, April 7th

Just a reminder about the workshop being held on Monday with Audrey Kobayashi.  This
workshop is open to all graduate students in the Department of Geography and Planning. 
See you there…

(SS 3130 is the PoliSci boardroom.  Apparently it is very nice.)

Please come out for
A Graduate Student Workshop with:


What Would an Anti-Oppressive Department Act Like?? Walking the Talk


Possible topics include:

-How do I talk about race in the classroom?
-Inclusion, exclusion and alienation in the university.
-How to I deal with students who don?t speak English well, but have
good ideas?
-Researching across difference.
-How do I grade an offensive assignment?
-Who do I turn to when I feel alienated?
-De-colonizing the curriculum.
-What do I do if I am singled out to talk about my own marker of difference?
-Why did I get accused of being a racist in the classroom?

Monday, April 7th
SS 3130

Refreshments will be served…

(This event is sponsored and supported by CUPE 3902, and our own sweet and
wonderful GGAPPS)