End of Term Extravaganza

Dear graduates,

It has been a long year.  “Party GGAPSS” has tried its best to keep your heads above
water but it takes a lot to overcome the flash flood of term papers, marking, CIP
revisions and AAG preparation.  Still, it might be possible.  You’re just going to have
to get those legs moving a little faster.

On Wednesday the 2nd (yes, this Wednesday), we do just that.  Come to the Imperial Pub
for an end-of-term party, dance, drink, dance.  Release all that pent up,
too-many-hours-in-front-of-a-computer energy.  If we can party in September and in
December, we most definitely must party in April.

End of Term Extravaganza
Wednesday, April 2nd
8:00 til closing
Imperial Pub (site of Orientation pub fun…call it symmetry)
54 Dundas Street East
1.5 blocks east of Yonge & Dundas
dancing, booze, snacks, non-school-related conversation



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