Geography Talent Night

Hello fabulous multi-talented geographers!The rumours are true, the time has arrived for you to showcase your amazing hidden talents and delight in the unexpected gems hidden under the the grim winter exteriors of your colleagues. So dust off your instruments, costumes, party tricks, and secret super-powers because Wednesday March 5th is the firstGEOGRAPHY TALENT NIGHT*

Wednesday March 5th
Doors 7:00
Show 8:00
The Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Ave.

For those interested in performing, whether your talent is real, imagined, or just plain farcical, send expressions of interest to or by Feb 15th (let us know quickly, as we only have one night, and once the line up is full you will have to wait at least another year to reveal your secret identity.)

Final confirmation and technical requirements will be needed by Friday February 22.

Note:  The event is sponsored and partially funded by GGAPSS.  Additional contributions may be sought, particularly from non-grads, on an ability to pay basis, the night of the event.  Suggested contribution is $10. There will be a cash bar.

* Actual talent, however defined (and at least one sketch comedy concerning the ontology of talent seems appropriate) is not required.  Creativity, however, well, we all know that is a must these days.


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