Debate In Planning:

My name is Damian Szybalski.  I am a Master’s of Science in Planning
graduate from the University of Toronto, a town policy planner (in
Ontario, Canada), and a co-District Editor for the Ontario Planning

Recognizing the importance of genuine debate and idea exchange to
generating innovative solutions and advancing the planning profession,
myself and two planning friends recently lunched
<>   In brief, is a forum that
encourages honest debate, constructive criticism and idea exchange.  It
is a place to discuss urban experiances and perspectives on “planning”.
Because debate and idea exchange are encouraged in the
university/collage environment, I would like to invite you to visit <> .  Engage in the debate by
regularly reading the blogs and articles, and by posting your comments,
ideas and feedback.  There is also an opportunity for you to post your
own articles (just e-mail your article to us for consideration).  To do
this, all you need is to set-up a free account for which you only need
an e-mail address and a name.  Nothing is needed to read the articles.
This is an excellent opportunity to encourage dialogue among planning
students and professionals from across Canada, the United States and the
world.  I intend to publish an article in Plan Canada and the Ontario
Planning Journal on the subject of debate in the planning field.

I hope to read your comments.  Please distribute to other students as
you feel appriopieate so that the debate expands.  Please also consider
adding a simple link to <>
from the GGAPSS website.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best Regards,


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