Conference Funding 2007-08

Hello all graduate students who have attended conferences in the past year
or who might be thinking of attending upcoming conferences,It’s that time of year, when you should be scuffling through old shoe boxes
and drawers to find last year’s conference receipts, and contemplating new
shoe purchases so you have shoe boxes for this year’s receipts.The application to the GGAPSS conference fund, is available on the website (right hand side of this page).

 If you PRESENTED at a conference and
have not already received funding (or enough funding) for that conference,
you are eligible for some amount of reimbursement from the department. The
exact amount depends on the demand, but we have a record amount of money
from the department, which is good news.Funding will be allocated as follows, using the ‘pie’ analogy so familiar to
us all: each student with eligible expenses will receive an equal share of
the pie, regardless of the number of conferences attended or the expenses
incurred, EXCEPT where that piece of pie would be greater than the claimed
expenses. In that case, the student will receive a piece of pie exactly
equal to claimed expenses (a Baby Bear piece–“just right”), and the
remaining pie will be distributed evenly among all other claimants
(“communism”).The fiscal year runs from the beginning of May to the end of April, so
conference expenses between May 2007 and April 2008 are eligible. For those
expenses which you have not yet incurred, please estimate on the form. The
forms are due to me (via email) by Friday February 22, 2005. The GGAPSS
conference committee will allocate the available funds and notify you for
what amount you’re eligible. After the turn of the fiscal year you will need
to present your eligible receipts to Marika Maslej, who will reimburse you.

We encourage all graduate students to consult with their advisors about the
possibility of securing funding through them. There are a few ways that this
could be done. First, all supervisors are encouraged to offer as much
support as possible–both financial and also procedural (helping students
pick conferences with appropriate subject and audience). Second, the
department administers a fund to which faculty members can apply for
financial assistance with conference attendance. This attendance can
potentially take the form of sending a supervisee to conferences, especially
in the case of jointly-authored papers. This is a potential source of
funding, but it is also limited. If you have any questions about conference
funding or conference attendance, please ask away.

GGAPSS Conference Funding Committee


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