Coffee Hours

Happy Second Week (that feels like a fourth) back.

Yesterday, your planning and graduate reps (the CLC committee) met and we discussed some upcoming dates for coffee hour and realized that it might be a good idea to explain what
coffee hours are. So here is the first attempt.

How: Drop by the venue, grab a mug, drink coffee or tea and eat treats with your fellow

What: Coffee hour is a time to see people you haven’t seen in awhile, ask questions/discuss events/issues that are going on in the department and basically chill out and have fun. Coffee hour is organized by members of the Constituency Liaison Committee (CLC) of GGAPSS (see posters in Taylor Room and Grad Lab if you don’t know who your rep is).

Where: It varies between the PGB lounge and the Taylor Room.

Why: Because academia can be isolating, graduate students have lots to say to each other and forums for discussion are always good.

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday January 24: 3-5pm in the Taylor Room

Tuesday February 26: 3-5pm in the PGB Lounge

Thursday March 27: 3-5pm in the Taylor Room

see you there.



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