How Organic is Changing the World: COG conference February 16

Hi everyone,
We’re really excited about our upcoming conference, which is described below.  The world of organic continues to evolve, and this conference will not only bring us up to date (have you ever heard of Spin Farming?) but also encourage us as we work to make organic the norm rather than the exception.  Register now – and we look forward to seeing you there!
Visionary Farmers and Visionary Consumers
How organics is transforming our world
Saturday, February 16, 2008 – one-day conference
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
89 Chestnut St., U of Toronto Conference Centre
Presented by Canadian Organic Growers
$65 ($85 after Jan 15); COG members $55
Includes an organic lunch and mini-market!
Info and registration:   1-888-375-7383
Why are more farmers and consumers choosing to go organic?  Join us as we share how organic is making a difference in how we eat and live.  You will be stirred with inspiringstories, the difficult challenges and the proven visions that are bringing organic food from the field to the table, creating new careers, markets and a more livable planet.  Is there a role for you?
Keynote speaker:  Helge Hellberg, Executive Director of Marin Organic
Marin Organic is an award winning, innovative organization of local farmers that is realizing a vision for the first all organic county in North America.  They have inspired schools, businesses and governments to take a stand for an alternative way of doing business and in doing so show us what a sustainable food system looks like. 
Panels on topics including “Where’s the local in organic?”; Being organic in a non-organic world; Can organics feed Ontario; and Ensuring organic integrity.  Panelists  include: Ann Clark, Gavin Dandy, Dag Falck, Wayne Roberts, Wally Seccombe. 
Plus a career track – meet the intrepid “new” farmers who, despite lacking land and farming skills, took the leap and followed their dreams of being organic farmers. 
For a complete agenda, see

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