Winter Party at Bedford Academy

Dear friends and colleagues,

The days grow shorter and darker.  Deadlines loom larger.  It may seem like all is shadows but there is something hopeful glimmering ahead, something worth celebrating.  No, it’s not the end of classes (honestly, when is your work ever really over?).  No, better, it’s the beginning of something, the beginning of winter!

Join your classmates and colleagues at the Bedford Academy on Thursday, December 6th and celebrate the arrival of winter the best way possible: indoors, warm, with friends, with food and with drinks.  Doors at 8:00.  Come out, feast, make merry and avoid talk of term papers/CIPs/insufficient data/marking/so much marking.

On the 6th, we celebrate that particular joy of the safe and warm winter party.  There’ll be plenty of opportunity later on to get lost in winter’s outdoors charms.

Bedford Academy
36 Prince Arthur Avenue (1 north of Bloor, 1.5 east of St. George)
2nd floor
Thursday, December 6th
8:00 pm
platters of food
plenty of friends


P.S. Anyone who wants to make a fuss about the official start date of winter can either 1) accept that the beast that is Ontario winter breaks all the rules or 2) plan a party on December 22nd for this solstice baby.


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