GGAPSS meeting on friday!

Hiya grads,

Here’s the shout out for the next GGAPSS meeting, which will take place on Friday November 30th from 3-5pm in the PGB Lounge (3rd floor of PGB).

Among other juicy things, we’ll be proposing a few bylaw clarifications for election procedures.  They include:

– stipulating that all grads can vote for all positions in the elections, but can abstain if they so desire
– in the case of ties, candidates will again have the opportunity to speak and the vote will be repeated until the tie is broken
– There will be no voting in absentia, expect in outstanding circumstances (like summer elections, for example).  In these outstanding cases, no nominations will be accepted in the 24 hours before the election.

I look forward to discussing these items, as well as your issues.  Please send me your sizzling hot agenda items for the meeting.

Come for the vote, come for the food, come for the adventure through PGB.

xoxo,  Mia with your GGAPSS


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