Rally to save the Vic Archives! November 13, 2007 from 12:00 pm to 01:30 pm

Hi all,

This is a message from your friendly CUPE 3902 stewards, but is about an issue that is relevant to all graduate students. I’ve copied a note below about an upcoming rally to save the United Church Archives currently housed at Victoria University. The short form is that Victoria University has decided to cut back their cost-sharing to house the archives of the United Church of Canada. This decision has led the Church to decide to remove their materials from Victoria University. The upshot is:

1. The loss of four union jobs at Victoria University that will be replaced by the United Church of Canada with non-unionized labour.

2. The relocation of the archives to a site that will be less accessible to University of Toronto researchers and students. The archives are used widely by historians (and historical geographers?), not only for church history, but also for their birth and death records and other historical materials. They are also an important teaching resource for undergraduates to gain experience in archival research.

CUPE 3902 is urging all of our members to stand in solidarity with the our colleagues from the United Steelworkers at Victoria University. We also believe that this would be a devastating loss to the University of Toronto, particularly to those of us in the social sciences and humanities. The importance of this loss is evidenced by the broad-based coalition that has come our to support the archives. Look at the website! http://www.savethearchives.ca

Thanks for taking the time to read this message. Hope to see you on Tuesday at Victoria University!

Your stewards.

Jim, Ruth, James and Dan


Rally to save the Vic Archives!

Show Paul Gooch, President of Victoria University, that the public wants the Archives to stay on the Vic/UofT campus!

November 13, 2007 from 12:00 pm to 01:30 pm

South-East corner of Charles St West and Queen’s Park/Avenue Road (opposite the Planetarium)

The rally is organized by the “Save the Archives Coalition,” a group of scholars, archivists, students and other interested parties working to stop the closing of the United Church of Canada/Victoria University Archives.

Sign the online petition and support theletter/email campaign at:www.savethearchives.ca
CUPE 3902 supports and endorses this campaign, petition, and rally. Watch for the Local’s navy blue flags at the rally on the13th!



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