Graduate funding: We STILL wanna hear from you!

Just a quick reminder asking for your input for the upcoming (Friday November 16th 3-5pm in PGB) Graduate Funding Workshop.

Please send your questions to your GGAPSS rep by Wednesday November 7th or let us know your ideas at the GGAPSS general meeting.

Please look at the below email for details.


Callout for Questions:

Do you know where your money comes from?

On Friday November 16th, 3pm-5pm in PGB Rm. 101 there will be a Graduate Funding  Information Session. The Graduate Chair (Amrita Daniere), Graduate Coordinator (Bill Gough) and Planning Directory (Katharine Rankin) and
the Graduate Administrator (Marianna Ishibashi) will review our funding package and will do their best to respond to questions  from us, the graduate students.

Your concerns, inquiries and questions can serve as a substantial part of this upcoming information session. Please send us an email and we will pass on the questions to Bill, Amrita and Katharine.

Send your questions/inquiries and concerns to your GGAPSS representative by November 7th  to:
Physical Geography:
Human Geography:
Environmental Geography:
1st Year Planner:
2nd Year Planner:
Phd Planning:

Note: if you have concerns about your teaching assistantship and/or subsequent appointments, please let us know. There is a strong possibility that we could have another information session next term if there is interest.


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